• TWO of Devon’s long standing Exeter based specialist learning providers, Education and Training  Skills (ETS) and PGL Training, have collaborated to instigate a ‘seamless transfer’ of a significant number of ETS’s apprentices to their neighbouring provider PGL Training.  As of 31 July 2019 the ETS apprentices became the responsibility of PGL Training.  ETS and PGL will be working particularly closely together over the next six months to ensure the apprentices and employers continue to receive a positive experience.


    The agreed arrangements between the city organisations, the Education and Skills Funding Agency and employers include the transfer of apprentices and four ETS staff members who are now employed by PGL Training.


    Mr Jenkins, the CEO of ETS, said: “ETS has worked in partnership with PGL over many years and this apprenticeship transfer process has been testament to the good understanding and working relationship we have with each other.  It has taken a lot of hard work from both our teams to execute the apprenticeship transfers in such a smooth manner.”


    “It is vital there are no disruptions or interruptions to the apprentices and employers so their programmes of teaching, learning and assessment can continue with their trainers and that is why our teams at ETS and PGL are going to be working closely together during the transition period over the next six months.”


    “ETS has made the decision to deliver against a smaller number of specific apprenticeship programmes, in order for us to also concentrate our efforts in providing businesses with tailor-made continuous professional development courses and Executive Support Services through our new Chief Executive Hub (CEOHub). Our bespoke workforce CPD courses are designed to meet the needs of South West businesses and our Executive Support Services are aimed at senior leaders, managers, and decision makers within those organisations who wish to engage with experts who can work with them to make their businesses even more successful.”


    “We are in the process of a major refurbishment at our offices in Exeter Business Park and hope these will be completed by November this year,” said Mr Jenkins.


    Dean Matthews, Senior Manager at PGL Training, said: “We are very pleased to have been recommended as the provider o choice by ETS and my team has worked tirelessly and will continue to do so to make sure the transfer of apprentices, staff and resources is seamless.”


    “PGL knows how important delivery continuity is when you’re working with over 500 apprentices and 1,000 businesses. We have been working with ETS over a number of years on peer to peer projects and we have signposted learners to each other whenever we have felt it was beneficial to the learners.”



    “PGL holds Levy and Non-Levy apprenticeship contracts and has a team of over 40 trainers, assessors and administrators supporting the continuing growth of our provision in Exeter and across the South West region,’ he said.


    “Exeter and the South West region is a vibrant area for apprenticeships and local employers are more aware than ever of the benefits of taking on apprentices of all ages.”


    “We will definitely continue to use ETS to provide us with added value courses to enhance the learning experience of both our apprentices and employers,” said Mr Matthews.


    “PGL is certainly playing its part in helping the Government to promote the importance of apprenticeships and is driving forward to increase apprenticeship provision across the South West.”


    Dean and Richard were both complimentary of the Education and Skills Funding Agency who had worked closely with them to make the transfers possible.


    Anyone looking for more information about PGL Training apprenticeship programmes can visit their website: www.pgltraining.com or for ETS continuous professional development courses and executive support services please go to: www.trainingsouthwest.co.uk.