• The candidate will undergo their functional skills level 2 tests in both maths and English unless exempt through prior qualifications.

    Technical certificate awarded by GQA

    NVQ awarded by City and Guilds

    This qualification is ideal for individuals working in the construction and built environment sector that are required to supervise the work of others. It provides an opportunity for them to demonstrate their competence in this area and gain the Level 3 NVQ Diploma and technical certificate in Occupational Work Supervision.

    Evidence of knowledge and performance is required. Performance competence will be observed in the workplace or other suitable environment. Evidence of knowledge through performance can contribute and if applicable should be demonstrated by completing projects and reports, by responding to questions or through Professional/Guided Discussions.

    The candidate must prove competence in the following subject areas:

    Implementing and managing all aspects of general health and safety by delivering team briefs and instigating actions to deal with changing circumstances within the operational working environment.

    Interpreting and extracting information form project data, examining potential work methods and confirming work methods.

    Evaluating work activities and determining work activities that have an influence on each other and formulating plans.

    Co-ordinating and organising work operations including discussing work programmes, implementing safe and tidy work areas, external considerations, safe storage and work area layout.

    Monitoring progress against work schedules or programmes including deviations and alterations, cost and time saving considerations and corrective agreed actions.

    Develop and maintain good occupational working relationships including occupational advice, equality and diversity, appropriate timescales and examine and agree work activities that satisfy all.

    Implement procedures to support the team’s performance including inspecting works for quality and non-compliance, facilitate discussions about team members performance, identify possible courses of actions and disciplinary procedures.