• Course Details

    Course Duration: 24-30 months (not including EPA period)

    Delivery method: 1 day a week at our Training Centre and site visits from our assessors. Access to an online portfolio.

    Assessment methods: A combination of observations, centre based practical and onsite assessments, professional discussions, written and oral questioning, online and paper-based tests and portfolio evidence gathering. A final End Point Assessment.

    Entry requirements: No prior experience is required; however, learners must be working in the construction/bricklaying industry. Entry will be based on initial assessments and an interview.

    Apprentices without level 1 English and maths (or equivalent) will need to achieve this level and apprentices without level 2 English and maths (or equivalent) will need to take the tests for this level prior to taking the end-point assessment. This will be incorporated into your Apprenticeship.


    Apprenticeship Profile

    Bricklayers lay bricks, blocks and other types of building components in mortar to construct and repair walls, foundations, partitions, arches and other structures e.g. chimney stacks. They might also refurbish brickwork and masonry on restoration projects. The range of sites and projects that bricklayers will work on include large commercial developments, new builds in housing, alterations, extensions and restorations. A bricklayer may work one-on-one or on larger jobs where their bricklaying group (gang) may work on a particular section of a building alongside other bricklaying gangs as well as other trades.


    Topics Covered

    • Health and safety
    • Customer service
    • Communication
    • Buildings
    • Energy efficiency
    • Materials
    • Alternative construction techniques
    • Radial and battered brickwork
    • Feature and reinforced brickwork
    • Fireplaces and chimneys


    Skills Developed

    • Safe working
    • Preparation of materials
    • Working area
    • Masonry structures
    • Radial and battered brickwork
    • Feature and reinforced brickwork
    • Other brickwork
    • Building technology

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